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Take part in the first edition of the biggest onsite event centered around Salesforce technologies in Poland. You must be there!

SForce Day 2024 is the biggest onsite Salesforce conference in Poland..

The first edition launches on March 26, 2024, at ul. Emilii Plater 53 (on the 23rd floor) in the center of Warsaw. It is aimed at IT professionals who want to find their way around the world of the latest technologies, tools, and businesses.

The event brings together architects, consultants, programmers, AI specialists, data specialists, security specialists, network administrators, and representatives of large companies.

Expect the highest level of presentation and influential speakers from the Polish IT industry. Meet recognized and innovative IT companies that will present themselves at their stands. Connect with companies through the IT Job Fair and IT Services Fair that will take place during the conference.


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Why it’s worth it

Job Fairs

One-of-a-kind Job Fairs with offers for different types/classes of specialists of Salesforce technologies.

Biggest event

It’s the largest conference dedicated to Salesforce. Attend 5 technical presentations about Salesforcethis technology.

Fresh opportunities

Meet a new company in Poland that is a leading Salesforce employer.

Amazing speakers

The best speakers of the Polish IT scene. Learn their methods for success in IT!




Opening of the conference


Strategic Insights: The Birth of Scoutz, Our New Salesforce Hub

We’re excited to introduce Scoutz, a new Salesforce hub born from the collaboration of four teams previously spread across BEC and three big banks. Scoutz aims to address common challenges by uniting our expertise and resources. Our unique approach aims to enhance the delivery process, and during this presentation, I’ll delve into the strategic reasons behind our setup.

Maciej Sukiennik



A Vikings (DevOps) tale of surviving invasion (deployment) to 22 kingdoms (banks). True story.

We want to invite you to hear a tale of an epic journey through the digital realms, where 22 banking kingdoms stand tall, each with its own traditions, challenges and treasures. Our odyssey begins with a bold vision to unite these disparate realms through the science of deployment, crafting a tapestry of technology that connects every kingdom under one grand alliance. As we journey together through this tale, we'll uncover how changing our approach was not merely a necessity but a calling to achieve greatness.  We'll explore the challenges of crafting proper deployment process for 22 production environments as separate companies and as a united one.*

* Created with help of an AI

Sebastian Lech, Dominik Werens



Break and networking


Revolutionizing User Experience: Unleashing the Power of Dynamic Forms and Fields in Salesforce for the Future

In the ever-evolving landscape of customer relationship management, Salesforce stands at the forefront, continually pushing boundaries and shaping the future of business processes. This presentation delves into the transformative potential of dynamic forms and fields within the Salesforce ecosystem, illuminating a path towards a more intuitive and responsive user experience.
As businesses strive for agility and adaptability, the demand for dynamic solutions that can mirror evolving organizational structures becomes paramount. The "Future is Now!" presentation explores how Salesforce's dynamic forms and fields sections redefine traditional data entry and presentation methods. By dynamically adjusting to user roles, preferences, and organizational changes, these features empower users to personalize their interfaces, enhancing efficiency and reducing cognitive load.
The session will delve into the technical intricacies of implementing dynamic forms and fields, offering insights into customization options, configuration best practices, and real-world use cases. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how these features enable organizations to streamline processes, improve data accuracy, and foster user adoption.
Furthermore, the presentation will showcase success stories and case studies from organizations that have embraced dynamic forms and fields, illustrating tangible improvements in productivity, data quality, and overall user satisfaction.
Join us on a journey into the future of Salesforce, where dynamic forms and fields become not just a feature but a strategic advantage. As we navigate the intricate intersection of technology and user-centric design, discover how your organization can leverage these advancements to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving business landscape. The time for change is now, and the future is within reach.

Michał Bury, Kacper Ośko



Break and networking


Polymorphism in LWC. Developing generic components with slots

"Polymorphism in LWC: Developing Generic Components with Slots" delves into the concept of polymorphism within Lightning Web Components (LWC). The presentation explores the use of slots for configuring sub-components, allowing dynamic adjustments to both parent and child elements. Additionally, it demonstrates the ability to create plugins, empowering developers to customize the behavior of the containing parent component. Attendees will gain insights into building flexible and customizable components in the LWC framework.

Marcin Rosłoński



Lunch time


Revolutionizing Sales and Service with Einstein AI in Salesforce

Join us for an insightful presentation on how Einstein AI is transforming the landscape of sales and service within the Salesforce ecosystem. Discover how this groundbreaking technology harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to drive smarter decision-making, enhance customer engagement, and optimize business processes. From predictive lead scoring to personalized customer interactions and generative suggestions, explore real-world examples and success stories showcasing the tangible benefits of integrating Einstein AI into your Salesforce platform. Gain valuable insights into the future of AI-driven sales and service and learn how your organization can stay ahead of the curve in the digital age.

Maciej Mazurowski



Break and networking


How to make successful Polish (or any) project implementation

Is the timely and harmonious completion of projects a fantasy? In this presentation, I will highlight the success story of implementing Field Service Lightning for a Polish division of international company. This brief demonstration will illustrate how the company transformed within two months of the project's initiation. I will discuss the critical success factors and my personal insights on what set this project apart. Like all projects, we encountered various hurdles, yet we successfully navigated through them. Additionally, I will share insights on enhancing not just projects in Poland but others globally.

Mieszko Rożej

Nextview Consulting


End of the conference

Our conference

Knowledge and inspiration

SForce Day 2024 is an excellent place to gain new insights and learn new skills. You’ll have the chance to listen to presentations by outstanding experts in Salesforce technologies, who will share their experiences and best practices. This is a great opportunity to discover new techniques, tools, and approaches related to Salesforce technologies that can help you in your programming skills development.

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Network of contacts

Our onsite conferences creates a perfect opportunity to establish new professional contacts. You’ll be able to meet other Salesforce technology enthusiasts, programmers, specialists, and company representatives who share your interests and passion for this programming language. You can exchange experiences, ask questions, and even find potential collaboration opportunities, and even work.


Meet us there

The conference will take place on the 23rd floor of the Warsaw Financial Center building at ul. Emilii Plater 53 in the center of Warsaw.

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Maciej Sukiennik

Development Manager, Scoutz

I had been a user of Salesforce for almost 8 years. Then I slowly moved from the user perspective to being a platform owner, being responsible for the bigger picture.
Right now in Scoutz, I am so called „System Owner” which means mainly ensuring proper Compliance approach, GDPR, ISO policies being met and similar.

Dominik Werens

Salesforce DevOps, Scoutz

Salesforce enjoyer. Package builder. Automation maniac. In Scoutz I’m part of a team responsible for planning and implementing all CI/CD processes. I’m taking care of package preparation and delivery to all our clients. I believe that every problem is an opportunity to learn something new.


Sebastian Lech

Salesforce DevOps, Scoutz

I started by breaking things in C++. Then I broke a lot of things in C#. Web technologies, so easy to break. For 5 years I have been breaking things in Salesforce. Apex, LWC and whatever I was able to lay my hands on. For a year now I have broken Salesforce metadata, scripts and automation tools.

Oh, and I like to break Linux by the way.


Mieszko Rożej

Mieszko Rożej Practice Manager/Salesforce Consultant, Nextview Consulting

Mieszko is living by two principles: Make other’s lives better and that sky is the limit. Working on Salesforce Implementations for 6 years mainly in Customer Service, Field Service and Digital Experience technologies as a Salesforce Consultant. Worked on mid to large scale projects where he was responsible mainly for: leading workshops, designing, implementing and training. In his free time you can meet him hiking with a camera in his hand.

Michał Bury

Salesforce Architect Extraordinaire, Enxoo

  • Experience:

    • 8+ years at Enxoo, a key player in industry cloud solutions

    • Role: Salesforce Architect

  • Education:

    • Master’s in Computer Science from Warsaw University of Technology

  • Certifications:

    • 11x Certified Salesforce Application Architect

    • Security and Privacy Accredited Professional

    • 2x All Star Ranger

  • Skills:

    • Proficient in (mainly Sales Cloud & Service Cloud)

    • Integration, custom solutions

Kacper Ośko

Emerging Talent in Salesforce Development, Enxoo


  • Salesforce Developer at Enxoo since Aug 2022

  • Responsibilities include designing cloud and mobile applications on the Salesforce platform, integrating with other systems, and project documentation.



  • Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology


  • OmniStudio Developer certified by Salesforce

  • Business Acumen – Simulation CELEMI Apples & Oranges™


  • Proficiency  in Apex, Visualforce, and Lightning Components development

  • Strong understanding of Salesforce architecture and data modeling

Marcin Rosłoński

Salesforce Delivery Lead, Accenture

  • Graduated from Computer Science at University of Warsaw
  • Certified Java Programmer with Sun Microsystems 2004
  • With Accenture from 2006
  • Passionate about good design, clean code, design patterns
  • With Salesforce since 2021
  • Hobbies: Sailing, boxing, riding motorcycle


Maciej Mazurowski

Senior Solution Engineer, Salesforce

Senior Solution Engineer at Salesforce, is currently based in Berlin, Germany but originally from the charming city of Szczecin, Maciej’s journey in the IT field spans a decade, marked by continuous learning and growth. With a background in IT studies, he has diligently earned three Salesforce certifications, striving for excellence in his craft. As a Five Star Ranger, Maciej quietly excels in navigating the Salesforce landscape, offering thoughtful solutions to clients in the CEE and CIS region. Whether exploring new horizons or solving complex problems, Maciej approaches each challenge with modesty, dedication, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact. Privately a traveler, spending every moment exploring new places, animal lover and husband.